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Adult Red Bonnet


Adult Bonnet 

•Promotes hair growth

•Helps to reduce friction on your hair

•Prevents frizz, split ends and breakage

•Locks in moisture and hydration 

•Maintains hair texture and prevents tangles and matting

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews

So comfortable!

shania w
red headband bonnet

nice fitting doesnt slip off throughout the night and keeps your hair feeling soft

Review from my husband

I personally really like the bonnet but my husband is the one I bought it for. I think it’s a 5 but he says it’s a 3 because of the band (so I put the stars in the middle). It does stay on all night with no issue but it hurts his ears for at least an hour after taking it off (he’s gonna try another way to wear it tonight). Also the band’s tightness makes it hard to put all of his hair into it (his curl type is 3A-3B so it’s really fluffy). Plan to buy the adjustable one next to see if he likes that one better and I can take this one from him if he does

Kodi M

I needed a replacement bonnet and saw a TikTok of these, red is my favourite colour so I had to snatch one up! The bonnet stays firmly in place throughout the night, is comfortable, and so far has kept my hair looking lovely!

Tiffany A
Fantastic quality, works like a charm!

I’ve only been using it for about a week and my hair is already feeling less dry and damaged in the mornings. Super comfy and easy to put on, and stays put all night. Love it :)