Chrisy K Beauty

Blue Tie Dye Bonnet


Adult Bonnet 

•Promotes hair growth

•Helps to reduce friction on your hair

•Prevents frizz, split ends and breakage

•Locks in moisture and hydration 

•Maintains hair texture and prevents tangles and matting

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Leslie Rose

Very pleased with my purchase! Everything was perfect!! Quality is great and I love the color!

Sara Stalcup
Beautiful blue

I love the feel and comfort of my bonnet. It really helps the condition of my curly hair. Thank you, thank you

Anne Hansen
Cute and nice

I am new to bonnets and i have to get comfortable sleeping with it, because i find it a little uncomfortable. I definetly prefer sleeping with it, when its reversed, so my ears isn’t anoyed by the inner seam. So maybe, i would have ordered the reversable bonnet instead.
But it really does the job. My hair isn’t tangled when i wake up. It doesn’t feel dry at all, and i will continue using it, to see the results on my hair.


It’s big and spacious. The only thing is that the band is a little too wide for my liking. I don’t really like for my bonnet band to go over my ears and with this one you will have to do that. If you try to put it on top of your ears, it’s going to rub against it, fold it over etc. Other than that it’s good.

Naima T.

I love it! It stays on my head through the night and it holds all the products in my head. 10/10