Chrisy K Beauty

Long Pink Sky Head Tie Bonnet


Reversible long head tie bonnet

•Promotes hair growth

•Helps to reduce friction on your hair

•Prevents frizz, split ends and breakage

•Locks in moisture and hydration 

•Maintains hair texture and prevents tangles and matting

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

Honestly could not be more impressed. Perfect for long hair, sleek, and I really like the star and moon pattern it’s so cute. I love supporting a small business and I have super fine hair that gets matted super easily and has to be brushed many times a day. I’ve been using silk pillow cases but my hair tangles even then because it falls against my neck and I move a lot in my sleep. I started wearing a bonnet when I had a medical device on my head because my doctor and my friend both suggested it. It helped my hair so much that I looked for a small business I could support and a bonnet with a tie so it would stay on my head better. These bonnets are fantastic and my hair knots so much less! I’ve been using a bonnet for over six months now and this is my favorite one, and my hair has stopped breaking off so badly.

Martini, T
Love the bonnet

I have long chemically treated hair and I needed a way to help stop the breakage on my ends. The bonnet is perfect for that. I love the design and it is so comfortable to wear. Also it helps keep my hair from getting snarled in my bi pap tubing. I will definitely be buying another one. Thank you.