Chrisy K Beauty

Purple Tie Dye Bonnet


Adult Bonnet 

•Promotes hair growth

•Helps to reduce friction on your hair

•Prevents frizz, split ends and breakage

•Locks in moisture and hydration 

•Maintains hair texture and prevents tangles and matting

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
margaret bah

I love this bonnet. It's soft and comfortable, stays on my big head all night.

Maria Sedano

Love it. It’s cute and comfortable. I love that it is helping me take care of my hair

Nicole Ainsworth
Love it for the most part

It is so cute and comfortable. Great quality. The only thing I don’t like about is that I do wake up in the morning and it is no longer on my head, but I am a sleeper that tosses and turns ALOT. I will be buying the one that ties at the top though, in hope that it stays on my head! 😊

Julia Nichols
Such a difference

I didn't know my hair could be anything but a giant knot in the morning. Fits amazing, and even stays on no matter how much I move in my sleep.


I like others in 2020 I let my hair grow. Then realized how hard it is to sleep when your hair is in your face. This is a great solution. It also keeps my now wavey hair nice and not frizzy. I worried that it would fall off while sleeping or be too tight. Both are unfounded worries as it fits great and stays on. Well made and cute.