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White Satin Pillowcase



Wake up to a beautiful morning from the soundest, most relaxing sleep you'll ever have. Our satin pillowcase guarantees not only the sweetest dreams from a good night's sleep but also exceptional shine, transforming your bed into a lustrous lair.


PREMIUM QUALITY SET – Experience luxury and style from the corners of your bed. Expertly woven to provide durability without requiring professional care. Keep it snug and tight with durable zippered end closures for a convenient on and off and pillows that don't slip.  


UNIMAGINABLE COMFORT – Made with 100% polyester satin that provides a smooth, silky touch throughout the night. Highly breathable and soft fabric that feels like you're sleeping in the clouds. Enjoy the day ahead, feeling refreshed and full of energy.


GENTLE ON THE SKIN – Maintain your elegant, glowing skin from bedtime to sunrise. Avoid facial sleep lines that could lead to deep wrinkles in the long run. Complete with hypo-allergenic properties that take care of your face even as you deep slumber.  


PERFECT FOR THE HAIR – Start your perfect hair day from the moment you lay at night. As satin is a smooth fabric, it offers frizz protection, fewer tangles, and less chance of hair breakage. Keep your hair hydrated at all times with satin's less absorbent nature.


SIZE FIT FOR ROYALTY – Add personality and character to your bedroom with satin's rich, glossy look that complements any classic or modern interior. Our 2 piece set comes in king and queen sizes, fitting a perfect picture of pure sophistication.


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Alanna Manning
We replaced all our pillow cases

I've had a set of these pillow cases for over a year now and they still look great. Ordered these so all 4 of our pillows can have the satin cases on them. My partner always ends up with his pillow out of a pillow case some how so these are perfect as they zip closed.

Tanikqua Edwards
Big enough for a body pillow

Loved this! Smooth , my hair tangles and I sweat in my sleep. This keeps my hair manageable and my head cool. It even fits my giant pillow inside of it.

Game changer

Absolutely amazing!! Really recommend

He loves them most!

Got these for my bedset and my partner has proceeded to steal them often and says they're his now! I guess I need to order my own set!