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Adult Orange And Black Reversible Bonnet


Want to keep your hair neat and healthy all day and night? Then look no further! Our Reversible Bonnets offers more than ultimate hair protection; it also does it in style. This reversible bonnet lets you exude an air of elegance and sophistication while providing first-class salon treatment to your beloved hair.


PROMOTES HAIR GROWTH – If you're a fan of natural, alternative ways of growing your hair, then you'll surely love to buy our reversible bonnet! By keeping your hair wrapped safely inside, your scalp slowly increases its sebum production and, in turn, speeds up the rate your hair grows.  


PREVENTS HAIR DAMAGE – Say goodbye to frizzy hair and split ends! Protect your hair from unwanted breakage brought upon by unpredictable temperatures and fluctuating humidity by sheltering your hair in its own protective layer. Perfect addition to your hair care routine as your hair gets longer.


ALLOWS YOUR HAIR TO SHINE – Wrap your hair around with the silky smooth feeling of the finest quality satin that helps your hair thrive and reduce harmful friction. Show your hair's natural luster by keeping it hydrated at all times with satin's inherent non-porous fabric!


MAINTAINS IDEAL TEXTURE – Prepare for the big day ahead with hair that makes a delicate fashion statement. Whether you're getting ready for a special occasion or simply even an ordinary day, put on your reversible bonnet the night before and stun the crowd tomorrow!


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Jean Bruns

Very well made. Stays in ace all night!

Stormy Richards
Love this cap!

It’s very comfortable, fits well and starts on through the night. Sometimes if I roll around it falls down around my eyes and it just doubles as a sleep mask. My hair prefers the cap to the style I used to sleep in. It’s easier to take the cap off and have my hair look like it’s ready to style vs it having previous style kinks in it.

Ashley Gloria

I love this bonnet it never came off in my sleep and it was so comfy! My hair looked good after some sleep.

Nicole Lee
Great for my 16 year old

My 16 yo loves it and it’s a great quality bonnet. Thanks so much! We’ll be repeat customers!

Roberta Longclaws
Comfy and stylish!

I love this for when im relaxing and sleeping! Its been super comfortable and i love wearing the orange side out the beautiful vibrant color is everything 😍😍😍 stays on the head wonderfully and has helped my hair in less than a week. I am overjoyed 🥰😍