Chrisy K Beauty

Long Grey and Pink Flamingo Bonnet


Long double layered satin bonnet.

•Promotes hair growth

•Helps to reduce friction on your hair

•Prevents frizz, split ends and breakage

•Locks in moisture and hydration 

•Maintains hair texture and prevents tangles and matting

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Jenna W
Long Grey and Pink Flamingo

This bonnet is the best! I was sick of my long hair getting in my face while sleeping and this does the trick. It's also tight but not too tight that I get a headache. I've also noticed less frizz in the mornings. 10/10 would buy again!

El Bell
Great for protecting my hairstyle

After enjoying several regular bonnets from C.K. Beauty, I bought this for protecting my hair after I have styled it. I have slept in it once and that worked well. I love it for keeping my hair fresh and styled when I have to do things like cook and I do not want my hair to smell like my food. Also flamingos? Love!

Joi Aikens

Stylish and Good Quality


I came across this item on tik tok and loved how she was making something for everyone. My son has been growing his hair for a long time but it is incredibly wavy and long. I’ve started trying a few braids or up dos so I can get his hair to stay healthy but after a night of sleep it is a mess. This product has helped so much, he loves it and his hair is looking healthier and less frizz already! Thank you for creating an awesome product for everyone.

Jenine Fiebich
Stunning comfort

I absolutely love these and if you are hesitant take the leap and dive in cause you won’t regret it! The fabric is breathable so your head doesn’t sweat even on those hot nights and it stays on my head which is surprising since I can fit youth ball caps! My hair is more then half way down my back and this length seemed a little long to me but trust me it’s worth it cause the tight and small bonnet and the long lengthy bonnet gave me different results for fresh showered hair. Also if my hair is wet or dry I put the bonnet on so when my partner cuddles up to me they don’t rip out my hair! Great alternative to the silk pillowcase and feel this helps waaaaaaaaay more since there’s less chance of hair damage from sleeping!